Cloud Nine: The O Video

An intro video I did for the hair styling company Cloud Nine (the guys who started GHD). The video was made to introduce and explain the workings of their new heated roller system. This was my first job using Cinema 4D so I had to learn fast, but I am now hooked and have almost entirely switched from 3DS Max to Cinema.

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  1. Gwen says:

    Hi! Can you me tell why you decided to switch from 3DS Max to C4D?
    I’m a rookie in C4D and know absolutely nothing to 3DS Max but I’m wondering if I’ve made the right choice…


    • andypdawson says:

      Hey, it really depends on what you will be making and if you will be working with others that will require certain formats. My reasons for swapping were just working with an agency that used cinema. I found cinema very easy to learn, but once you know how to make things in one application it is easy to change software. Just make sure you learn the principles of design, modelling and animation and you can use any software. Although in my opinion you can’t go wrong with Cinema 4D.

      Hope that helps.

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